Class ClassifierEnsemble

  extended by cc.mallet.classify.Classifier
      extended by cc.mallet.classify.ClassifierEnsemble
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public class ClassifierEnsemble
extends Classifier

Classifer for an ensemble of classifers, combined with learned weights. The procedure is to obtain the score from each classifier (typically p(y|x)), perform the weighted sum of these scores, then exponentiate the summed score for each class, and re-normalize the resulting per-class scores. In other words, the scores of the ensemble classifiers are treated as input features in a Maximum Entropy classifier.

Andrew McCallum
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ClassifierEnsemble(Classifier[] classifiers, double[] weights)
Method Summary
 Classification classify(Instance instance)
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Constructor Detail


public ClassifierEnsemble(Classifier[] classifiers,
                          double[] weights)
Method Detail


public Classification classify(Instance instance)
Specified by:
classify in class Classifier