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Packages that use MaxEntTrainer
cc.mallet.classify Classes for training and classifying instances. 

Uses of MaxEntTrainer in cc.mallet.classify

Subclasses of MaxEntTrainer in cc.mallet.classify
 class MaxEntL1Trainer
 class RankMaxEntTrainer
          The trainer for a RankMaxEnt classifier.

Methods in cc.mallet.classify that return MaxEntTrainer
 MaxEntTrainer MaxEntTrainer.setGaussianPriorVariance(double gaussianPriorVariance)
          Sets a parameter to prevent overtraining.
 MaxEntTrainer MaxEntTrainer.setL1Weight(double l1Weight)
          Use an L1 prior.
 MaxEntTrainer MaxEntTrainer.setNumIterations(int i)
          Specifies the maximum number of iterations to run during a single call to train or trainWithFeatureInduction.