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Packages that use MaxEntPRConstraint
cc.mallet.classify Classes for training and classifying instances.   

Uses of MaxEntPRConstraint in cc.mallet.classify

Methods in cc.mallet.classify that return types with arguments of type MaxEntPRConstraint
 java.util.ArrayList<MaxEntPRConstraint> PRAuxClassifier.getConstraintFeatures()

Constructor parameters in cc.mallet.classify with type arguments of type MaxEntPRConstraint
MaxEntPRTrainer(java.util.ArrayList<MaxEntPRConstraint> constraints)
PRAuxClassifier(Pipe pipe, java.util.ArrayList<MaxEntPRConstraint> constraints)

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Classes in that implement MaxEntPRConstraint
 class MaxEntFLPRConstraints
          Abstract expectation constraint for use with Posterior Regularization (PR).
 class MaxEntL2FLPRConstraints
          Expectation constraint for use with Posterior Regularization (PR).