Uses of Interface

Packages that use CacheStaleIndicator
cc.mallet.fst Transducers, including Conditional Random Fields (CRFs). 

Uses of CacheStaleIndicator in cc.mallet.fst

Classes in cc.mallet.fst that implement CacheStaleIndicator
 class CRFCacheStaleIndicator
          Indicates when the value/gradient becomes stale based on updates to CRF's parameters.

Fields in cc.mallet.fst declared as CacheStaleIndicator
protected  CacheStaleIndicator ThreadedOptimizable.cacheIndicator

Constructors in cc.mallet.fst with parameters of type CacheStaleIndicator
ThreadedOptimizable(Optimizable.ByCombiningBatchGradient optimizable, InstanceList trainingSet, int numFactors, CacheStaleIndicator cacheIndicator)
          Initializes the optimizable and starts new threads.