Uses of Interface

Packages that use Optimizable
cc.mallet.classify Classes for training and classifying instances. 
cc.mallet.fst Transducers, including Conditional Random Fields (CRFs). 
cc.mallet.optimize Classes for finding the maximum of a function. 
cc.mallet.optimize.tests JUnit tests for maximize. 

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.classify

Classes in cc.mallet.classify that implement Optimizable
 class MaxEntOptimizableByGE
 class MaxEntOptimizableByLabelDistribution
 class MaxEntOptimizableByLabelLikelihood
 class PRAuxClassifierOptimizable
          Optimizable for training auxiliary model (q) for E-step/I-projection in PR training.

Methods in cc.mallet.classify that return Optimizable
 Optimizable MaxEntTrainer.getOptimizable()

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.fst

Classes in cc.mallet.fst that implement Optimizable
 class CRFOptimizableByBatchLabelLikelihood
          Implements label likelihood gradient computations for batches of data, can be easily parallelized.
 class CRFOptimizableByGradientValues
          A CRF objective function that is the sum of multiple objective functions that implement Optimizable.ByGradientValue.
 class CRFOptimizableByLabelLikelihood
          An objective function for CRFs that is the label likelihood plus a Gaussian or hyperbolic prior on parameters.
 class CRFTrainerByValueGradients.OptimizableCRF
          An optimizable CRF that contains a collection of objective functions.
 class MEMMTrainer.MEMMOptimizableByLabelLikelihood
          Represents the terms in the objective function.
 class ThreadedOptimizable
          An adaptor for optimizables based on batch values/gradients.

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.fst.semi_supervised

Classes in cc.mallet.fst.semi_supervised that implement Optimizable
 class CRFOptimizableByEntropyRegularization
          A CRF objective function that is the entropy of the CRF's predictions on unlabeled data.
 class CRFOptimizableByGE
          Optimizable for CRF using Generalized Expectation constraints that consider either a single label or a pair of labels of a linear chain CRF.

Uses of Optimizable in

Classes in that implement Optimizable
 class ConstraintsOptimizableByPR
          Optimizable for E-step/I-projection in Posterior Regularization (PR).
 class CRFOptimizableByKL
          M-step/M-projection for PR.

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.grmm.learning

Classes in cc.mallet.grmm.learning that implement Optimizable
 class ACRF.MaximizableACRF
static class PiecewiseACRFTrainer.Maxable
 class PseudolikelihoodACRFTrainer.Maxable
 class PwplACRFTrainer.Maxable

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.grmm.util

Classes in cc.mallet.grmm.util that implement Optimizable
static class CachingOptimizable.ByBatchGradient
static class CachingOptimizable.ByGradient

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.optimize

Subinterfaces of Optimizable in cc.mallet.optimize
static interface Optimizable.ByBatchGradient
static interface Optimizable.ByCombiningBatchGradient
static interface Optimizable.ByGISUpdate
static interface Optimizable.ByGradient
static interface Optimizable.ByGradientValue
static interface Optimizable.ByHessian
static interface Optimizable.ByValue
static interface Optimizable.ByVotedPerceptron

Classes in cc.mallet.optimize that implement Optimizable
 class OptimizableCollection.ByGradientValue

Methods in cc.mallet.optimize that return Optimizable
 Optimizable OrthantWiseLimitedMemoryBFGS.getOptimizable()
 Optimizable Optimizer.getOptimizable()
 Optimizable LimitedMemoryBFGS.getOptimizable()
 Optimizable GradientAscent.getOptimizable()
 Optimizable ConjugateGradient.getOptimizable()
 Optimizable AGIS.getOptimizable()

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.optimize.tests

Methods in cc.mallet.optimize.tests with parameters of type Optimizable
static boolean TestOptimizable.testGetSetParameters(Optimizable maxable)
          Tests that parameters set by setParameters can be retrieved by getParameters.

Uses of Optimizable in cc.mallet.topics

Classes in cc.mallet.topics that implement Optimizable
 class DMROptimizable