Class SvmLight2FeatureVectorAndLabel

  extended by cc.mallet.pipe.Pipe
      extended by cc.mallet.pipe.SvmLight2FeatureVectorAndLabel
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public class SvmLight2FeatureVectorAndLabel
extends Pipe

This Pipe converts a line in SVMLight format to a Mallet instance with FeatureVector data and Label target. The expected format is target feature:value feature:value ... targets and features can be indices, as in SVMLight, or Strings. Note that if targets and features are indices, their indices in the data and target Alphabets may be different, though the data will be equivalent.

Gregory Druck
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Instance pipe(Instance carrier)
          Really this should be 'protected', but isn't for historical reasons.
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public SvmLight2FeatureVectorAndLabel()
Method Detail


public Instance pipe(Instance carrier)
Description copied from class: Pipe
Really this should be 'protected', but isn't for historical reasons.

pipe in class Pipe