Class ListMember

  extended by cc.mallet.pipe.Pipe
      extended by cc.mallet.share.upenn.ner.ListMember
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ListMember
extends Pipe

Checks membership in a lexicon in a text file. Multi-token items are supported, but only if the tokens are uniformly separated or not separated by spaces: that is, U.S.A. is acceptable, as is San Francisco, but not St. Petersburg.

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
ListMember(java.lang.String featureName, lexFile, boolean ignoreCase)
Method Summary
 Instance pipe(Instance carrier)
          Really this should be 'protected', but isn't for historical reasons.
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Constructor Detail


public ListMember(java.lang.String featureName,
                  boolean ignoreCase)
Method Detail


public Instance pipe(Instance carrier)
Description copied from class: Pipe
Really this should be 'protected', but isn't for historical reasons.

pipe in class Pipe