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Packages that use GainRatio
cc.mallet.classify Classes for training and classifying instances. 
cc.mallet.types Fundamental MALLET types, including FeatureVector, Instance, Label etc. 

Uses of GainRatio in cc.mallet.classify

Methods in cc.mallet.classify that return GainRatio
 GainRatio C45.Node.getGainRatio()

Uses of GainRatio in cc.mallet.types

Methods in cc.mallet.types that return GainRatio
static GainRatio GainRatio.createGainRatio(InstanceList ilist)
          Constructs a GainRatio object.
static GainRatio GainRatio.createGainRatio(InstanceList ilist, int[] instIndices, int minNumInsts)
          Constructs a GainRatio object