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cc.mallet.extract Unimplemented. 
cc.mallet.types Fundamental MALLET types, including FeatureVector, Instance, Label etc. 

Uses of Label in cc.mallet.extract

Methods in cc.mallet.extract that return Label
 Label DocumentExtraction.getBackgroundTag()
 Label LabeledSpan.getLabel()
 Label LabeledSpans.getLabel(int i)
 Label Field.getName()

Methods in cc.mallet.extract with parameters of type Label
 LabeledSpans TokenizationFilter.constructLabeledSpans(LabelAlphabet dict, java.lang.Object document, Label backgroundTag, Tokenization input, Sequence seq)
          Converts a the sequence of labels into a set of labeled spans.
 LabeledSpans HierarchicalTokenizationFilter.constructLabeledSpans(LabelAlphabet dict, java.lang.Object document, Label backgroundTag, Tokenization input, Sequence seq)
 LabeledSpans DefaultTokenizationFilter.constructLabeledSpans(LabelAlphabet dict, java.lang.Object document, Label backgroundTag, Tokenization input, Sequence seq)
 LabeledSpans ConfidenceTokenizationFilter.constructLabeledSpans(LabelAlphabet dict, java.lang.Object document, Label backgroundTag, Tokenization input, Sequence seq)
 LabeledSpans BIOTokenizationFilter.constructLabeledSpans(LabelAlphabet dict, java.lang.Object document, Label backgroundTag, Tokenization input, Sequence seq)
 Field Record.getField(Label name)

Constructors in cc.mallet.extract with parameters of type Label
LabeledSpan(Span span, Label label, boolean isBackground)
LabeledSpan(Span span, Label label, boolean isBackground, double confidence)

Uses of Label in cc.mallet.grmm.util

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.util that return Label
 Label LabelsAssignment.labelOfVar(Variable var)

Uses of Label in cc.mallet.types

Methods in cc.mallet.types that return Label
 Label Labels.get(int i)
 Label LabelVector.getBestLabel()
 Label Labeling.getBestLabel()
 Label Label.getBestLabel()
 Label LabelSequence.getLabelAtPosition(int pos)
 Label LabelVector.getLabelAtRank(int rank)
 Label Labeling.getLabelAtRank(int rank)
 Label Label.getLabelAtRank(int rank)
 Label LabelVector.labelAtLocation(int loc)
 Label Labeling.labelAtLocation(int pos)
 Label Label.labelAtLocation(int loc)
 Label LabelAlphabet.lookupLabel(int labelIndex)
 Label LabelAlphabet.lookupLabel(java.lang.Object entry)
 Label LabelAlphabet.lookupLabel(java.lang.Object entry, boolean addIfNotPresent)

Methods in cc.mallet.types with parameters of type Label
 int[][] ROCData.getCounts(Label label)
          Gets the raw counts for a specified label.
 int[] ROCData.getCounts(Label label, double threshold)
          Gets the raw counts for a specified label and threshold.
 double ROCData.getPositivePercent(Label label, double threshold)
          Gets the estimated percentage of training events that exceed the threshold.
 double ROCData.getPrecision(Label label, double threshold)
          Gets the precision for a specified label and threshold.
 double ROCData.getPrecisionForScore(Label label, double score)
          Gets the precision for a specified label and score.
 int LabelVector.getRank(Label label)
 int Labeling.getRank(Label label)
 int Label.getRank(Label label)
 double ROCData.getRecall(Label label, double threshold)
          Gets the recall rate for a specified label and threshold.
 void Labels.set(int i, Label l)
 void ROCData.setCounts(Label label, double threshold, int[] newCounts)
          Sets the raw counts for a specified label and threshold.
 double LabelVector.value(Label label)
 double Labeling.value(Label label)
 double Label.value(Label label)

Constructors in cc.mallet.types with parameters of type Label
Labels(Label[] labels)
LabelSequence(Label[] labels)
LabelVector(Label[] labels, double[] values)