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Packages that use Token
cc.mallet.extract Unimplemented. 
cc.mallet.types Fundamental MALLET types, including FeatureVector, Instance, Label etc. 

Uses of Token in cc.mallet.extract

Subclasses of Token in cc.mallet.extract
 class StringSpan
          A sub-section of a linear string.

Uses of Token in cc.mallet.share.weili.ner

Methods in cc.mallet.share.weili.ner that return Token
 Token WordTransformation.transformedToken(java.lang.String original)

Uses of Token in cc.mallet.types

Constructors in cc.mallet.types with parameters of type Token
TokenSequence(Token[] tokens)

Constructor parameters in cc.mallet.types with type arguments of type Token
TokenSequence(java.util.Collection<Token> tokens)