MAchine Learning for LanguagE Toolkit
Current release: The following packaged release of MALLET 2.0 is available:
Windows installation: After unzipping MALLET, set the environment variable %MALLET_HOME% to point to the MALLET directory. In all command line examples, substitute bin\mallet for bin/mallet.
Development release: To download the most current version of MALLET 2.0, use our public GitHub repository:
  git clone
from the command prompt to get the Mallet package.
To build a Mallet 2.0 development release, you must have the Apache ant build tool installed. From the command prompt, first change to the mallet directory, and then type
If ant finishes with "BUILD SUCCESSFUL", Mallet is now ready to use.
If you would like to deploy Mallet as part of a larger application, it is helpful to create a single ".jar" file that contains all of the compiled code. Once you have compiled the individual Mallet class files, use the command:
  ant jar
This process will create a file "mallet.jar" in the "dist" directory within Mallet.
Older releases: MALLET version 0.4 is available for download, but is not being actively maintained. This release includes classes in the package "edu.umass.cs.mallet.base", while MALLET 2.0 contains classes in the package "cc.mallet".