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Packages that use Clusterer
cc.mallet.cluster Unsupervised clustering of Instance objects within an InstanceList

Uses of Clusterer in cc.mallet.cluster

Subclasses of Clusterer in cc.mallet.cluster
 class GreedyAgglomerative
          Greedily merges Instances until convergence.
 class GreedyAgglomerativeByDensity
          Greedily merges Instances until convergence.
 class HillClimbingClusterer
          A Clusterer that iteratively improves a predicted Clustering using a NeighborEvaluator.
 class KBestClusterer
          Return the K best predicted Clusterings
 class KMeans
          KMeans Clusterer Clusters the points into k clusters by minimizing the total intra-cluster variance.

Uses of Clusterer in cc.mallet.cluster.evaluate

Methods in cc.mallet.cluster.evaluate with parameters of type Clusterer
 java.lang.String ClusteringEvaluator.evaluate(Clustering[] truth, Clusterer clusterer)