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Uses of ClusteringEvaluator in cc.mallet.cluster.evaluate

Subclasses of ClusteringEvaluator in cc.mallet.cluster.evaluate
 class AccuracyEvaluator
          Accuracy of a clustering is (truePositive + trueNegative) / (numberPairwiseComparisons)
 class BCubedEvaluator
          Evaluate a Clustering using the B-Cubed evaluation metric.
 class ClusteringEvaluators
          A list of ClusteringEvaluators.
 class MUCEvaluator
          Evaluate a Clustering using the MUC evaluation metric.
 class PairF1Evaluator
          Evaluates two clustering using pairwise comparisons.

Constructors in cc.mallet.cluster.evaluate with parameters of type ClusteringEvaluator
ClusteringEvaluators(ClusteringEvaluator[] evaluators)