Class NoopTransducerTrainer

  extended by cc.mallet.fst.TransducerTrainer
      extended by cc.mallet.fst.NoopTransducerTrainer

public class NoopTransducerTrainer
extends TransducerTrainer

A TransducerTrainer that does no training, but simply acts as a container for a Transducer; for use in situations that require a TransducerTrainer, such as the TransducerEvaluator methods.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class cc.mallet.fst.TransducerTrainer
TransducerTrainer.ByIncrements, TransducerTrainer.ByInstanceIncrements, TransducerTrainer.ByOptimization
Constructor Summary
NoopTransducerTrainer(Transducer transducer)
Method Summary
 int getIteration()
 Transducer getTransducer()
 boolean isFinishedTraining()
 boolean train(InstanceList trainingSet)
 boolean train(InstanceList trainingSet, int numIterations)
          Train the transducer associated with this TransducerTrainer.
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addEvaluator, addEvaluators, removeEvaluator, runEvaluators
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Constructor Detail


public NoopTransducerTrainer(Transducer transducer)
Method Detail


public int getIteration()
Specified by:
getIteration in class TransducerTrainer


public Transducer getTransducer()
Specified by:
getTransducer in class TransducerTrainer


public boolean isFinishedTraining()
Specified by:
isFinishedTraining in class TransducerTrainer


public boolean train(InstanceList trainingSet)
train in class TransducerTrainer


public boolean train(InstanceList trainingSet,
                     int numIterations)
Description copied from class: TransducerTrainer
Train the transducer associated with this TransducerTrainer. You should be able to call this method with different trainingSet objects. Whether this causes the TransducerTrainer to combine both trainingSets or to view the second as a new alternative is at the discretion of the particular TransducerTrainer subclass involved.

Specified by:
train in class TransducerTrainer