Class SimpleTagger.SimpleTaggerSentence2FeatureVectorSequence

  extended by cc.mallet.pipe.Pipe
      extended by cc.mallet.fst.SimpleTagger.SimpleTaggerSentence2FeatureVectorSequence
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public static class SimpleTagger.SimpleTaggerSentence2FeatureVectorSequence
extends Pipe

Converts an external encoding of a sequence of elements with binary features to a FeatureVectorSequence. If target processing is on (training or labeled test data), it extracts element labels from the external encoding to create a target LabelSequence. Two external encodings are supported:

  1. A String containing lines of whitespace-separated tokens.
  2. a String[][].
Both represent rows of tokens. When target processing is on, the last token in each row is the label of the sequence element represented by this row. All other tokens in the row, or all tokens in the row if not target processing, are the names of features that are on for the sequence element described by the row.

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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new SimpleTaggerSentence2FeatureVectorSequence instance.
Method Summary
 Instance pipe(Instance carrier)
          Really this should be 'protected', but isn't for historical reasons.
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Constructor Detail


public SimpleTagger.SimpleTaggerSentence2FeatureVectorSequence()
Creates a new SimpleTaggerSentence2FeatureVectorSequence instance.

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public Instance pipe(Instance carrier)
Description copied from class: Pipe
Really this should be 'protected', but isn't for historical reasons.

pipe in class Pipe