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 PRConstraint PRAuxiliaryModel.getConstraint(int index)

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type PRConstraint
CRFTrainerByPR(CRF crf, java.util.ArrayList<PRConstraint> constraints)
CRFTrainerByPR(CRF crf, java.util.ArrayList<PRConstraint> constraints, int numThreads)
PRAuxiliaryModel(CRF baseModel, java.util.ArrayList<PRConstraint> constraints)

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 class OneLabelL2IndPRConstraints
          A set of constraints on individual input feature label pairs.
 class OneLabelL2PRConstraints
          A set of constraints on distributions over single labels conditioned on the presence of input features.

Methods in that return PRConstraint
 PRConstraint PRConstraint.copy()
          This is used in multi-threading.
 PRConstraint OneLabelL2PRConstraints.copy()
 PRConstraint OneLabelL2IndPRConstraints.copy()

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Method parameters in with type arguments of type PRConstraint
static CRF SimpleTaggerWithConstraints.trainPR(InstanceList training, InstanceList testing, java.util.ArrayList<PRConstraint> constraints, CRF crf, TransducerEvaluator eval, int iterations, double var)
          Create and train a CRF model from the given training data, optionally testing it on the given test data.