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Packages that use LogNumber
cc.mallet.types Fundamental MALLET types, including FeatureVector, Instance, Label etc. 

Uses of LogNumber in cc.mallet.fst.semi_supervised

Fields in cc.mallet.fst.semi_supervised declared as LogNumber
protected  LogNumber[] GELattice.LatticeNode.alpha
protected  LogNumber[] GELattice.LatticeNode.beta
protected  LogNumber[][][] GELattice.dotCache

Methods in cc.mallet.fst.semi_supervised that return LogNumber
 LogNumber GELattice.getAlpha(int ip, int s1, int s2)
 LogNumber GELattice.getBeta(int ip, int s1, int s2)

Uses of LogNumber in cc.mallet.types

Methods in cc.mallet.types with parameters of type LogNumber
 void LogNumber.plusEquals(LogNumber other)
 void LogNumber.timesEquals(LogNumber other)