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Packages that use TokenSequence
cc.mallet.extract Unimplemented. 
cc.mallet.pipe Classes for processing arbitrary data into instances. 
cc.mallet.types Fundamental MALLET types, including FeatureVector, Instance, Label etc. 

Uses of TokenSequence in cc.mallet.extract

Subclasses of TokenSequence in cc.mallet.extract
 class StringTokenization

Uses of TokenSequence in cc.mallet.pipe

Methods in cc.mallet.pipe that return TokenSequence
 TokenSequence SourceLocation2TokenSequence.pipe( br)
 TokenSequence SourceLocation2TokenSequence.pipe( file)

Uses of TokenSequence in cc.mallet.types

Methods in cc.mallet.types that return TokenSequence
 TokenSequence Dirichlet.randomTokenSequence(Randoms r, int length)

Constructors in cc.mallet.types with parameters of type TokenSequence
FeatureSequenceWithBigrams(Alphabet dict, Alphabet bigramDictionary, TokenSequence ts)
FeatureVectorSequence(Alphabet dict, TokenSequence tokens)
FeatureVectorSequence(Alphabet dict, TokenSequence tokens, boolean binary, boolean augmentable)
FeatureVectorSequence(Alphabet dict, TokenSequence tokens, boolean binary, boolean augmentable, boolean growAlphabet)