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Packages that use Vector
cc.mallet.types Fundamental MALLET types, including FeatureVector, Instance, Label etc. 

Uses of Vector in cc.mallet.types

Classes in cc.mallet.types that implement Vector
 class AugmentableFeatureVector
 class DenseVector
 class ExpGain
 class FeatureCounts
 class FeatureVector
          A subset of an Alphabet in which each element of the subset has an associated value.
 class GainRatio
          List of features along with their thresholds sorted in descending order of the ratio of (1) information gained by splitting instances on the feature at its associated threshold value, to (2) the split information.
 class GradientGain
 class HashedSparseVector
 class IndexedSparseVector
 class InfoGain
 class KLGain
 class LabelVector
 class Multinomial
          A probability distribution over a set of features represented as a FeatureVector.
static class Multinomial.Logged
          A Multinomial in which the values associated with each feature index fi is Math.log(probability[fi]) instead of probability[fi].
 class PartiallyRankedFeatureVector
 class RankedFeatureVector
 class SparseVector
          A vector that allocates memory only for non-zero values.

Methods in cc.mallet.types with parameters of type Vector
 void Matrix2.columnPlusEquals(int ci, Vector v, double factor)
 double FeatureVectorSequence.dotProduct(int sequencePosition, Vector weights)
static double MatrixOps.rowDotProduct(double[] m, int nc, int ri, Vector v, double factor, int maxCi, FeatureSelection selection)
static double MatrixOps.rowDotProduct(double[] m, int nc, int ri, Vector v, int maxCi, FeatureSelection selection)
 double Matrix2.rowDotProduct(int ri, Vector v)
 double Matrix2.rowDotProduct(int ri, Vector v, int maxCi, FeatureSelection selection)
          Deprecated. Skip all column indices higher than "maxCi".
static void MatrixOps.rowPlusEquals(double[] m, int nc, int ri, Vector v, double factor)
 void Matrix2.rowPlusEquals(int ri, Vector v, double factor)
static double MatrixOps.sum(Vector v)