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Classes in that implement QueueElement
 class AStarNode
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 class SearchNode
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Methods in that return QueueElement
 QueueElement PriorityQueue.extractMin()
          Remove the top element of the queue.
 QueueElement MinHeap.extractMin()
 QueueElement PriorityQueue.min()
          Return the top element of the queue.
 QueueElement MinHeap.min()
 QueueElement[] PriorityQueue.toArray()
          Returns any array containing all of the elements in the queue.
 QueueElement[] MinHeap.toArray()

Methods in with parameters of type QueueElement
 void PriorityQueue.changePriority(QueueElement e, double priority)
          Change the priority of queue element e to priority.
 void MinHeap.changePriority(QueueElement e, double priority)
 boolean PriorityQueue.contains(QueueElement e)
          Does the queue contain an element?
 boolean MinHeap.contains(QueueElement e)
 void PriorityQueue.insert(QueueElement e)
          Insert element e into the queue.
 void MinHeap.insert(QueueElement e)