Class ConfidenceCorrectorEvaluator

  extended by cc.mallet.fst.confidence.ConfidenceCorrectorEvaluator

public class ConfidenceCorrectorEvaluator
extends java.lang.Object

Calculates the effectiveness of "constrained viterbi" in propagating corrections in one segment of a sequence to other segments.

Constructor Summary
ConfidenceCorrectorEvaluator(java.lang.Object[] startTags, java.lang.Object[] inTags)
Method Summary
 void evaluate(Transducer model, java.util.ArrayList predictions, InstanceList ilist, java.util.ArrayList correctedSegments, java.lang.String description, outputStream, boolean errorsInUncorrected)
          Only evaluates over sequences which contain errors.
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Constructor Detail


public ConfidenceCorrectorEvaluator(java.lang.Object[] startTags,
                                    java.lang.Object[] inTags)
Method Detail


public void evaluate(Transducer model,
                     java.util.ArrayList predictions,
                     InstanceList ilist,
                     java.util.ArrayList correctedSegments,
                     java.lang.String description,
                     boolean errorsInUncorrected)
Only evaluates over sequences which contain errors. Examine region not directly corrected by correctedSegments to measure effects of error propagation.

model - used to segment input sequence
predictions - list of the corrected segmentation
ilist - list of testing data
correctedSegments - list of Segments in each sequence that were corrected...currently only allows one segment per instance.
uncorrected - true if we only evaluate sequences where errors remain after correction