Class NBestViterbiConfidenceEstimator

  extended by cc.mallet.fst.confidence.TransducerSequenceConfidenceEstimator
      extended by cc.mallet.fst.confidence.NBestViterbiConfidenceEstimator

public class NBestViterbiConfidenceEstimator
extends TransducerSequenceConfidenceEstimator

Estimates the confidence of an entire sequence by the probability that one of the the Viterbi paths rank 2->N is correct. Note that this is a strange definition of confidence, and is mainly used for MultipleChoiceCRFActiveLearner, where we want to find Instances that are mislabeled, but are likely to have a correct labeling in the top N Viterbi paths.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
NBestViterbiConfidenceEstimator(Transducer model, int N)
Method Summary
 double estimateConfidenceFor(Instance instance, java.lang.Object[] startTags, java.lang.Object[] inTags)
          Calculates the confidence in the tagging of a Instance.
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Constructor Detail


public NBestViterbiConfidenceEstimator(Transducer model,
                                       int N)
Method Detail


public double estimateConfidenceFor(Instance instance,
                                    java.lang.Object[] startTags,
                                    java.lang.Object[] inTags)
Calculates the confidence in the tagging of a Instance.

Specified by:
estimateConfidenceFor in class TransducerSequenceConfidenceEstimator