Package cc.mallet.grmm.inference.gbp

Interface Summary
MessageStrategy Created: May 29, 2005
RegionGraphGenerator Interface for strategies that construct region graphs from arbitrary graphical models.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageStrategy Created: May 29, 2005
BPRegionGenerator Created: May 30, 2005
ClusterVariationalRegionGenerator Created: Jun 1, 2005
ClusterVariationalRegionGenerator.ByFactorRegionComputer Region computer where each top-level region consists of a single factor node.
FactorizedRegion A more space-efficient Region class that doesn't maintain a global factor over all assignments to the region.
FullMessageStrategy A first implementation of MessageStrategy that assumes that a BP region graph is being used.
Kikuchi4SquareRegionGenerator Created: May 31, 2005
ParentChildGBP Created: May 27, 2005
SparseMessageSender Created: Jun 1, 2005