Package cc.mallet.grmm.inference

Interface Summary
Inferencer Interface implemented by all inferencers, which are algorithms for computing (perhaps approximately) marginal distributions over nodes in the model.
Sampler Interface for methods from sampling the distribution given by a graphical model.
TRP.TreeFactory Interface for tree-generation strategies for TRP.

Class Summary
AbstractBeliefPropagation Abstract base class for umplementations of belief propagation for general factor graphs.
AbstractInferencer Abstract base class for inferencers.
BruteForceInferencer Computes the joint of a GraphicalModel by brute-force calculation.
ExactSampler Computes an exact sample from the distribution of a given factor graph by forming a junction tree.
GibbsSampler Created: Mar 28, 2005
JunctionTree Datastructure for a junction tree.
JunctionTreeInferencer Does inference in general graphical models using the Hugin junction tree algorithm.
LoopyBP The loopy belief propagation algorithm for approximate inference in general graphical models.
MessageArray Efficiently manages a array of messages in a factor graph from variables to factors and vice versa.
RandomGraphs Utility class for generating many useful kinds of random graphical models.
ResidualBP A dynamic BP schedule where The loopy belief propagation algorithm for approximate inference in general graphical models.
SamplingInferencer Approximate inferencer for graphical models using sampling.
TreeBP Implements the tree-based schedule of belief propagation for exact inference in trees.
TRP Implementation of Wainwright's TRP schedule for loopy BP in general graphical models.
TRP.TreeListFactory Generates spanning trees cyclically from a predefined collection.
Utils A bunch of static utilities useful for dealing with Inferencers.
VariableElimination The variable elimination algorithm for inference in graphical models.