Class UndirectedGrid

  extended by cc.mallet.grmm.types.FactorGraph
      extended by cc.mallet.grmm.types.UndirectedModel
          extended by cc.mallet.grmm.types.UndirectedGrid
All Implemented Interfaces:
Factor,, java.lang.Cloneable

public class UndirectedGrid
extends UndirectedModel

A grid-shaped undirected graphical model. All this adds to the base UndirectedModel class is the ability to retrieve variables by their (x,y) position. Created: Mar 28, 2005

$Id:,v 1.1 2007/10/22 21:37:44 mccallum Exp $
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
UndirectedGrid(int width, int height, int numOutcomes)
          Creates an undirected grid and its associated Variable objects.
Method Summary
 Variable get(int x, int y)
 int getHeight()
 int getWidth()
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Constructor Detail


public UndirectedGrid(int width,
                      int height,
                      int numOutcomes)
Creates an undirected grid and its associated Variable objects.

width - The max x coordinate of the grid.
height - The max y coordinate of thee grid.
numOutcomes - The number of outcomes of each created variable.
Method Detail


public int getWidth()


public int getHeight()


public Variable get(int x,
                    int y)