Uses of Interface

Packages that use AlphabetCarrying
cc.mallet.classify Classes for training and classifying instances.   
cc.mallet.fst Transducers, including Conditional Random Fields (CRFs). 
cc.mallet.fst.tests Tests for Transducers, including Conditional Random Fields (CRFs). 
cc.mallet.pipe Classes for processing arbitrary data into instances. 
cc.mallet.pipe.tests JUnit tests for pipes. 
cc.mallet.pipe.tsf TokenSequenceFeature Pipes. 
cc.mallet.share.mccallum.ner Named entity recognizer. 
cc.mallet.types Fundamental MALLET types, including FeatureVector, Instance, Label etc. 

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.classify

Classes in cc.mallet.classify that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class AdaBoost
          AdaBoost Robert E.
 class AdaBoostM2
 class BaggingClassifier
 class BalancedWinnow
          Classification methods of BalancedWinnow algorithm.
 class C45
          A C4.5 Decision Tree classifier.
 class Classifier
          Abstract parent of all Classifiers.
 class ClassifierEnsemble
          Classifer for an ensemble of classifers, combined with learned weights.
 class ConfidencePredictingClassifier
 class DecisionTree
          Decision Tree classifier.
 class MaxEnt
          Maximum Entropy (AKA Multivariate Logistic Regression) classifier.
 class MCMaxEnt
          Maximum Entropy classifier.
 class NaiveBayes
          A classifier that classifies instances according to the NaiveBayes method.
 class NaiveBayesTrainer
          Class used to generate a NaiveBayes classifier from a set of training data.
 class PRAuxClassifier
          Auxiliary model (q) for E-step/I-projection in PR training.
 class RankMaxEnt
          Rank Maximum Entropy classifier.
 class Winnow
          Classification methods of Winnow2 algorithm.

Methods in cc.mallet.classify with parameters of type AlphabetCarrying
 boolean NaiveBayesTrainer.alphabetsMatch(AlphabetCarrying object)
 boolean Classifier.alphabetsMatch(AlphabetCarrying object)

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in

Classes in that implement AlphabetCarrying
static class Clusterings2Clusterer.ClusteringPipe

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.extract.pipe

Classes in cc.mallet.extract.pipe that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class TokenSequence2Tokenization
          Heuristically converts a simple token sequence into a Tokenization that can be used with all the extract package goodies.

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.fst

Classes in cc.mallet.fst that implement AlphabetCarrying
static class SimpleTagger.SimpleTaggerSentence2FeatureVectorSequence
          Converts an external encoding of a sequence of elements with binary features to a FeatureVectorSequence.

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.fst.tests

Classes in cc.mallet.fst.tests that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class TestCRF.TestCRF2String
static class TestCRF.TestCRFTokenSequenceRemoveSpaces
 class TestMEMM.TestMEMM2String
static class TestMEMM.TestMEMMTokenSequenceRemoveSpaces

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.grmm.learning

Classes in cc.mallet.grmm.learning that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class GenericAcrfData2TokenSequence
          Generic pipe that takes a linegroup of the form:

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.grmm.util

Classes in cc.mallet.grmm.util that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class LabelsAssignment
          A special kind of assignment for Variables that can be arranged in a LabelsSequence.
 class LabelsSequence2Assignment
          $Id:,v 1.1 2007/10/22 21:37:58 mccallum Exp $
 class RememberTokenizationPipe
          Created: Mar 17, 2005
 class SliceLabelsSequence
          * Created: Fri Jan 02 23:27:04 2004

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.pipe

Classes in cc.mallet.pipe that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class AddClassifierTokenPredictions
          This pipe uses a Classifier to label each token (i.e., using 0-th order Markov assumption), then adds the predictions as features to each token.
static class AddClassifierTokenPredictions.TokenClassifiers
          This inner class represents the trained token classifiers.
 class Array2FeatureVector
          Converts a Java array of numerical types to a FeatureVector, where the Alphabet is the data array index wrapped in an Integer object.
 class AugmentableFeatureVectorAddConjunctions
          Add specified conjunctions to each instance.
 class AugmentableFeatureVectorLogScale
          Given an AugmentableFeatureVector, set those values greater than or equal to 1 to log(value)+1.
 class BranchingPipe
 class CharSequence2CharNGrams
          Transform a character sequence into a token sequence of character N grams.
 class CharSequence2TokenSequence
          Pipe that tokenizes a character sequence.
 class CharSequenceArray2TokenSequence
          Transform an array of character Sequences into a token sequence.
 class CharSequenceLowercase
          Replace the data string with a lowercased version.
 class CharSequenceRemoveHTML
          This pipe removes HTML from a CharSequence.
 class CharSequenceRemoveUUEncodedBlocks
 class CharSequenceReplace
          Given a string, repeatedly look for matches of the regex, and replace the entire match with the given replacement string.
 class CharSubsequence
          Given a string, return only the portion of the string inside a regex parenthesized group.
 class Classification2ConfidencePredictingFeatureVector
          Pipe features from underlying classifier to the confidence prediction instance list
 class Csv2Array
          Converts a string of comma separated values to an array.
 class Csv2FeatureVector
          Converts a string of the form feature_1:val_1 feature_2:val_2 ...
 class Directory2FileIterator
          Convert a File object representing a directory into a FileIterator which iterates over files in the directory matching a pattern and which extracts a label from each file path to become the target field of the instance.
 class FeatureCountPipe
          Pruning low-count features can be a good way to save memory and computation.
 class FeatureDocFreqPipe
          Pruning low-count features can be a good way to save memory and computation.
 class FeatureSequence2AugmentableFeatureVector
          Convert the data field from a feature sequence to an augmentable feature vector.
 class FeatureSequence2FeatureVector
          Convert the data field from a feature sequence to a feature vector.
 class FeatureSequenceConvolution
 class FeatureValueString2FeatureVector
 class FeatureVectorConjunctions
          Include in the FeatureVector conjunctions of all its features.
 class FeatureVectorSequence2FeatureVectors
          Given instances with a FeatureVectorSequence in the data field, break up the sequence into the individual FeatureVectors, producing one FeatureVector per Instance.
 class Filename2CharSequence
          Given a filename contained in a string, read in contents of file into a CharSequence.
 class FilterEmptyFeatureVectors
 class Input2CharSequence
          Pipe that can read from various kinds of text sources (either URI, File, or Reader) into a CharSequence
 class InstanceListTrimFeaturesByCount
 class LineGroupString2TokenSequence
 class MakeAmpersandXMLFriendly
          convert & to &amp in tokens of a token sequence
 class Noop
          A pipe that does nothing to the instance fields but which has side effects on the dictionary.
 class Pipe
          The abstract superclass of all Pipes, which transform one data type to another.
 class PrintInput
          Print the data field of each instance.
 class PrintInputAndTarget
          Print the data and target fields of each instance.
 class PrintTokenSequenceFeatures
          Print properties of the token sequence in the data field and the corresponding value of any token in a token sequence or feature in a featur sequence in the target field.
 class SaveDataInSource
          Set the source field of each instance to its data field.
 class SelectiveSGML2TokenSequence
          Similar to SGML2TokenSequence, except that only the tags listed in allowedTags are converted to Labels.
 class SerialPipes
          Convert an instance through a sequence of pipes.
 class SGML2TokenSequence
          Converts a string containing simple SGML tags into a dta TokenSequence of words, paired with a target TokenSequence containing the SGML tags in effect for each word.
 class SimpleTaggerSentence2StringTokenization
          This extends SimpleTaggerSentence2TokenSequence to use {Slink StringTokenizations} for use with the extract package.
 class SimpleTaggerSentence2TokenSequence
          Converts an external encoding of a sequence of elements with binary features to a TokenSequence.
 class SimpleTokenizer
          A simple unicode tokenizer that accepts sequences of letters as tokens.
 class SourceLocation2TokenSequence
          Read from File or BufferedRead in the data field and produce a TokenSequence.
 class StringAddNewLineDelimiter
          Pipe that can adds special text between lines to explicitly represent line breaks.
 class StringList2FeatureSequence
          Convert a list of strings into a feature sequence
 class SvmLight2FeatureVectorAndLabel
          This Pipe converts a line in SVMLight format to a Mallet instance with FeatureVector data and Label target.
 class Target2FeatureSequence
          Convert a token sequence in the target field into a feature sequence in the target field.
 class Target2Label
          Convert object in the target field into a label in the target field.
 class Target2LabelSequence
          convert a token sequence in the target field into a label sequence in the target field.
 class TargetRememberLastLabel
          For each position in the target, remember the last non-background label.
 class TargetStringToFeatures
 class Token2FeatureVector
          convert the property list on a token into a feature vector
 class TokenSequence2FeatureSequence
          Convert the token sequence in the data field each instance to a feature sequence.
 class TokenSequence2FeatureSequenceWithBigrams
          Convert the token sequence in the data field of each instance to a feature sequence that preserves bigram information.
 class TokenSequence2FeatureVectorSequence
          Convert the token sequence in the data field of each instance to a feature vector sequence.
 class TokenSequence2TokenInstances
 class TokenSequenceLowercase
          Convert the text in each token in the token sequence in the data field to lower case.
 class TokenSequenceMatchDataAndTarget
          Run a regular expression over the text of each token; replace the text with the substring matching one regex group; create a target TokenSequence from the text matching another regex group.
 class TokenSequenceNGrams
          Convert the token sequence in the data field to a token sequence of ngrams.
 class TokenSequenceParseFeatureString
          Convert the string in each field Token.text to a list of Strings (space delimited).
 class TokenSequenceRemoveNonAlpha
          Remove tokens that contain non-alphabetic characters.
 class TokenSequenceRemoveStopwords
          Remove tokens from the token sequence in the data field whose text is in the stopword list.

Methods in cc.mallet.pipe with parameters of type AlphabetCarrying
 boolean Pipe.alphabetsMatch(AlphabetCarrying object)

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.pipe.tests

Classes in cc.mallet.pipe.tests that implement AlphabetCarrying
static class TestInstancePipe.Array2ArrayIterator
static class TestSGML2TokenSequence.Array2ArrayIterator

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.pipe.tsf

Classes in cc.mallet.pipe.tsf that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class CountMatches
 class CountMatchesAlignedWithOffsets
 class CountMatchesMatching
 class FeaturesInWindow
 class FeaturesOfFirstMention
 class LexiconMembership
 class OffsetConjunctions
 class OffsetFeatureConjunction
 class OffsetPropertyConjunctions
 class RegexMatches
 class SequencePrintingPipe
          Created: Jul 6, 2005
 class Target2BIOFormat
          Creates a LabelSequence out of a TokenSequence that is the target of an Instance.
 class TokenFirstPosition
 class TokenText
 class TokenTextCharNGrams
 class TokenTextCharPrefix
 class TokenTextCharSuffix
 class TokenTextNGrams
 class TrieLexiconMembership

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.share.casutton.ner

Classes in cc.mallet.share.casutton.ner that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class ConllNer2003Sentence2TokenSequence
          Reads a data file in CoNLL 2003 format, and makes some simple transformations.

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.share.mccallum.ner

Classes in cc.mallet.share.mccallum.ner that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class TokenSequenceDocHeader

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.share.upenn.ner

Classes in cc.mallet.share.upenn.ner that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class FeatureWindow
          Adds all features of tokens in the window to the center token.
 class LengthBins
          A feature approximating string length.
 class ListMember
          Checks membership in a lexicon in a text file.
 class LongRegexMatches
          Matches a regular expression which spans several tokens.
 class NEPipes

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.share.weili.ner.enron

Classes in cc.mallet.share.weili.ner.enron that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class EnronMessage2TokenSequence

Uses of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.types

Subinterfaces of AlphabetCarrying in cc.mallet.types
 interface Labeling
          A distribution over possible labels for an instance.

Classes in cc.mallet.types that implement AlphabetCarrying
 class AugmentableFeatureVector
 class ExpGain
 class FeatureCounts
 class FeatureSelection
 class FeatureSequence
          An implementation of Sequence that ensures that every Object in the sequence has the same class.
 class FeatureSequenceWithBigrams
          A FeatureSequence with a parallel record of bigrams, kept in a separate dictionary
 class FeatureVector
          A subset of an Alphabet in which each element of the subset has an associated value.
 class FeatureVectorSequence
 class GainRatio
          List of features along with their thresholds sorted in descending order of the ratio of (1) information gained by splitting instances on the feature at its associated threshold value, to (2) the split information.
 class GradientGain
 class InfoGain
 class Instance
          A machine learning "example" to be used in training, testing or performance of various machine learning algorithms.
 class InstanceList
          A list of machine learning instances, typically used for training or testing of a machine learning algorithm.
 class KLGain
 class Label
 class Labelings
          A collection of labelings, either for a multi-label problem (all labels are part of the same label dictionary), or a factorized labeling, (each label is part of a different dictionary).
 class Labels
          Usually some distribution over possible labels for an instance.
 class LabelSequence
 class LabelsSequence
          A simple Sequence implementation where all of the elements must be Labels.
 class LabelVector
 class MultiInstanceList
          An implementation of InstanceList that logically combines multiple instance lists so that they appear as one list without copying the original lists.
 class Multinomial
          A probability distribution over a set of features represented as a FeatureVector.
static class Multinomial.Logged
          A Multinomial in which the values associated with each feature index fi is Math.log(probability[fi]) instead of probability[fi].
 class NullLabel
          Object that carries a LabelAlphabet.
 class PagedInstanceList
          An InstanceList which avoids OutOfMemoryErrors by saving Instances to disk when there is not enough memory to create a new Instance.
 class PartiallyRankedFeatureVector
 class RankedFeatureVector
 class ROCData
          Tracks ROC data for instances in Trial results.
 class StringEditFeatureVectorSequence

Methods in cc.mallet.types with parameters of type AlphabetCarrying
 boolean Instance.alphabetsMatch(AlphabetCarrying object)
 boolean FeatureVector.alphabetsMatch(AlphabetCarrying object)
 boolean FeatureSequence.alphabetsMatch(AlphabetCarrying object)
static boolean Alphabet.alphabetsMatch(AlphabetCarrying object1, AlphabetCarrying object2)
          Convenience method that can often implement alphabetsMatch in classes that implement the AlphabetsCarrying interface.