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Uses of Inferencer in cc.mallet.grmm.inference

Classes in cc.mallet.grmm.inference that implement Inferencer
 class AbstractBeliefPropagation
          Abstract base class for umplementations of belief propagation for general factor graphs.
 class AbstractInferencer
          Abstract base class for inferencers.
 class BruteForceInferencer
          Computes the joint of a GraphicalModel by brute-force calculation.
 class JunctionTreeInferencer
          Does inference in general graphical models using the Hugin junction tree algorithm.
 class LoopyBP
          The loopy belief propagation algorithm for approximate inference in general graphical models.
 class ResidualBP
          A dynamic BP schedule where The loopy belief propagation algorithm for approximate inference in general graphical models.
 class SamplingInferencer
          Approximate inferencer for graphical models using sampling.
 class TreeBP
          Implements the tree-based schedule of belief propagation for exact inference in trees.
 class TRP
          Implementation of Wainwright's TRP schedule for loopy BP in general graphical models.
 class VariableElimination
          The variable elimination algorithm for inference in graphical models.

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.inference that return Inferencer
static Inferencer ResidualBP.createForMaxProduct()
static Inferencer LoopyBP.createForMaxProduct()
 Inferencer Inferencer.duplicate()
 Inferencer AbstractInferencer.duplicate()

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.inference with parameters of type Inferencer
static double[] Utils.allL1MarginalDistance(FactorGraph mdl, Inferencer inf1, Inferencer inf2)
static double Utils.avgL1MarginalDistance(FactorGraph mdl, Inferencer inf1, Inferencer inf2)
static double Utils.localMagnetization(Inferencer inferencer, Variable var)
static double Utils.lookupMinusLogZ(FactorGraph mdl, Inferencer inf)
          Returns ths value of -log Z in mdl according to the given inferencer.
static double Utils.maxL1MarginalDistance(FactorGraph mdl, Inferencer inf1, Inferencer inf2)

Uses of Inferencer in cc.mallet.grmm.inference.gbp

Classes in cc.mallet.grmm.inference.gbp that implement Inferencer
 class ParentChildGBP
          Created: May 27, 2005

Uses of Inferencer in cc.mallet.grmm.learning

Fields in cc.mallet.grmm.learning declared as Inferencer
protected  Inferencer ACRF.MaximizableACRF.inferencer

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.learning that return Inferencer
 Inferencer ACRF.getInferencer()
 Inferencer ACRF.getViterbiInferencer()

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.learning with parameters of type Inferencer
 void ACRF.setInferencer(Inferencer inf)
 void ACRF.setViterbiInferencer(Inferencer inf)

Uses of Inferencer in cc.mallet.grmm.learning.extract

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.learning.extract with parameters of type Inferencer
 ACRFExtractorTrainer ACRFExtractorTrainer.setInferencer(Inferencer inferencer)
 ACRFExtractorTrainer ACRFExtractorTrainer.setViterbiInferencer(Inferencer viterbiInferencer)

Uses of Inferencer in cc.mallet.grmm.types

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.types with parameters of type Inferencer
static Factor Factors.asFactor(Inferencer inf)
          Adapter that allows an Inferencer to be treated as if it were a factor.

Uses of Inferencer in cc.mallet.grmm.util

Methods in cc.mallet.grmm.util with parameters of type Inferencer
static Assignment Models.bestAssignment(FactorGraph mdl, Inferencer inf)
          Returns the highest-score Assignment in a model according to a given inferencer.